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What is Managed Intelligence?


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Purple With a Purpose

Feb 12, 2020 11:08:50 AM

Nisos Purple Team engagements are much more than a simple check-the-box assessment. Ever-evolving threats from persistent malicious actors make your job of protecting the crown jewels difficult. Security-conscious organizations understand the importance of assessing their security team’s capabilities for effective detection and response. We know adversaries and we make it our business to track their use of new tactics, techniques, and procedures across industries and we are all too happy to share this knowledge during our Purple Team engagements.

The present-day security breach pandemonium has resulted in an oversaturation of cybersecurity products. Many clients have told us that they have purchased every cybersecurity product and they were still not confident in their ability to detect a sophisticated malicious actor in their network.

Our operators work collaboratively with your Blue Team to simulate adversarial activity on your network. We measure your ability to detect, respond to and mitigate malicious activity and identify gaps that leave you vulnerable to attack — all in real-time. We’re not simply evaluating your team, we’re coaching and mentoring. We employ tailored attack scenarios that play out in the context of your unique environment and take into consideration your business objectives and industry-specific vertical threats. 

Nisos Purple Team engagements are designed to ensure dynamic information sharing through open and constant communication between Blue Team personnel and our Red Team operators. This feedback loop is critical to educating adversarial tactics to increase response procedures to ongoing breach scenarios. 

Our operators strive for seamless communication through each phase of the Purple Team engagement with a goal of strengthening the Blue Team’s efficacy and capabilities. A Nisos Purple Team engagement includes a comprehensive final report that quantifies improved prevention and detection, as well as actionable suggestions for continuous improvement of defenses.

We know your team is good. We can make them better. Want to learn more about Nisos Purple Teams? Download our whitepaper here (no email required). Or take the plunge and let our operators work with your team of professionals.


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Written by Debra Richardson

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