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Providing security and intelligence professionals with actionable, all-source intelligence.
Your All-Source Intelligence Partner

Intelligence to Meet your Mission

An Analyst-led Partnership

Work with a named lead analyst and Client Success Director Focused on your needs, and supported by a cadre of cultural, linguistic and technical specialists.

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Finished, Actionable Intelligence

Following the intelligence lifecycle, Nisos crafts tailored, timely, and cross-disciplinary intelligence reports to answer your requirements.

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Delivered by Former USG Operators

Average of 15+ years of extensive cross-functional experience specializing in Open, Deep, Dark Web, and Closed Forum expertise, and having written for top-level USG authorities.

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Investigative Insights

Unraveling Digital Networks and Government Associations

Delve into the world of cyber threats and their connections to government entities in this comprehensive research report.
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Analyst-led Intelligence Services

An Extension of Your Team

The expanding public information space offers invaluable data for your operations.

Nisos offers an agile, adaptable solution to gather, assess, analyze, and actionable intelligence based on US IC standards.

Our Team
Subject Matter Experts with first-hand, hard target experience and intelligence production briefed at the highest echelons of government.

Our Tools
An extensive, curated toolset of commercial and public data sources, as well as lawfully acquired breach records.

Our Services
Augment your team with investigations, assessments, ongoing monitoring and training, delivered as fully managed intelligence service.

Informed Decision-Making

Mora than data… Finished, Actionable Intelligence

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Strategic Insights

Nisos Managed Intelligence Services

Requests for Information (RFI)
  • Person-of-Interest Enrichment and Social Network Analysis
  • Selector Attribution/Enrichment
  • Vendor/Company Due Diligence Investigations
  • Identification of Foreign Scientific Research Activity and Development
  • Tailored Investigations into the Activities of Specific Foreign Military or Paramilitary Units
  • Disinformation/Information Operation Discovery and Attribution
  • Ransomware/Threat Actor Attribution
  • Law Enforcement Investigative Support and Parallel Reconstruction
  • Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)
  • Enhanced Threat Landscapes
  • PERSEC Continuous Vetting – Supplemental Research (CVSR)
  • Foreign Area Assessments
  • Local Sentiment Assessments
  • Executive Protection – Digital Shield
  • Event Specific
  • Digital Vulnerability Training Workshop (DVTW)
For further details on enhancing the capabilities of your security and intelligence teams with valuable, comprehensive insights, please contact us at federal-sales@nisos.com.

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