Threat Landscape Assessment

Reduce your risk. Understand your exposure so you can focus on prevention.

Identify Your Risks

Nisos Assessments Are Different

Comprehensive baseline assessment of your organization’s threat profile.

We possess a broad and differentiated collection capability that, when coupled with our expert adversarial mindset, provides you with the intelligence necessary to detect and disrupt your adversaries. Even when lacking an obvious internal starting point, we are able to combine our external telemetry with client-specific internal telemetry to provide insight.

Our Approach

Non-Traditional Threat Intelligence

Unlike the traditional threat intelligence approach of delivering large datasets which are not customized to your threat surface, Nisos uses our vast multi-source collection capability to uncover threats specific to your business. Then we perform expert analysis on the risks most relevant to your organization.

This approach provides unique visibility into the activities of a wider range of adversaries that includes threat actors not traditionally tracked by threat intelligence collection methods. Providing these insights into your threat landscape allows you to set intelligence priorities, identify collection strategies, track mitigation activities, and reduce risk.

Our Work

How We Help

Security teams are constantly confronted with new and evolving threats in the areas of physical security‭, ‬cybersecurity‭, ‬fraud‭, ‬and trust and safety. Nisos and our experts will help identify and prioritize digital and physical threats.

Digital Threats Assessed

Brand and Product Threats

  • Fraud
  • Violation of acceptable use‭ (‬hate groups‭)‬
  • Rogue applications and account takeover
  • Domain and application spoofing

Breach and Data Leaks

  • Exposed credentials and key personnel
  • Solicitation or sale of stolen IP
  • Breach and network compromise threats
  • Code or data in file sharing sites

Technical Threat Analysis

  • Cybersecurity asset identification and attack surface mapping
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Malicious internet traffic identification
  • Reconnaissance-focused attack emulation

Physical Threats Assessed

Negative Sentiment Analysis

  • Disinformation
  • Ideological opposition groups
  • Sentiment that inspires real-world harm

Country Risk Indicators

  • IP theft
  • Digital surveillance
  • Criminal activity

People and Property Threats

  • Threats to executives and key personnel
  • Threats to physical locations
  • Insider threat indications

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