Team Pandion™

Nisos Team Pandion brings experts with the ability to track, pursue, attribute, persist, and perform adversarial research on your behalf to provide breakthrough insights that security and intelligence teams rely on.

Robust and Diverse Skill Sets

Nisos Team Pandion

The evolved adversary is both elusive and tenacious. We target these actors using a two-prong approach. Persistence, which focuses on the on-going threats our clients face – developing research to help investigations. These individuals also simultaneously update our methodologies and client reporting, which allows us to always be improving. Here’s an example in a case study.

The second prong is our Pursuit engine, which is our fast client response and support team, who deliver OSINT research and threat intelligence enablement. They also help assess risk by combining their technical cybersecurity acumen paired with business risk awareness. Here’s another case study example.

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Our Research

What We Do

We blend cross-functional skill sets in cybersecurity and open source investigations to enable enterprises to disrupt adversary operations. We leverage significant data engineering resources to lawfully collect unique datasets to enrich and provide actionable context to our investigations.

Unique Insights

Independent Research Reports

Team Pandion consists of experts who routinely identify and research threats. Based upon client engagements and proprietary investigations, the team regularly publishes independent and innovative security research.

Our reports provide insight into techniques threat actors use to compromise organizations, controls to prevent compromise, as well as emerging trends.

Our research serves our community actionable insights that can be used to improve security programs and stay ahead of emerging threats.

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Where does the name come from?

Because you may or may not know your Greek mythology – here’s a quick debrief. Nisos was the King of Megara (in Greece) and son of King Pandion of Athens. He had a magic talisman, that if preserved would guarantee him eternal life and possession of his kingdom. An internal threat actor (Nisos’ daughter, Skylla) destroyed the talisman and killed Nisos transforming him into an osprey. Skylla, betrayed and killed by her lover, Minos, also transformed into a lesser sea bird.

In 2015, Nisos began as an intelligence driven adversarial emulation and incident response team with the power to simulate attacks and assess vulnerabilities. In the past 5+ years we have evolved to become a Managed Intelligence™ Company that has used our beginnings in attack emulation, investigation, and response to build a robust, world-class intelligence capacity – the heart of which is Team Pandion.