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Safeguard what matters most and inform critical decisions with deep digital investigations and open source threat intelligence services.
In Focus: Elections
Unmasking Influence Operations Targeting Elections
Insights gained serving leading social media platforms during elections.
A Framework For Tackling Influence Operations During an Election Year
Learn about the complexities of IO and how dedicated intelligence helps to scope, identify, and address these activities.
Research Investigation
What India’s Elections Can Teach Us About Artificial Intelligence
India just wrapped up the world’s largest elections during which we saw broad use of AI in Influence Operations.
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We are a digital risk and investigations partner who operates as an extension of your security, trust and safety, legal, and intelligence teams.
What We Do

Real solutions for your most complex problems

Illicit Activities and User Harm

Keep your users, clients, and teams safer through threat detection and investigation. Arm yourself with the intelligence needed to maintain compliance and impose real-world consequences.
Data Leaks and Exposure
Know when your IP, key assets, or sensitive data is in the public domain and understand your exposure. Empower your teams with insights to shut down the threat, recover your data, and bolster your defenses.

Influence Operations

Identify and understand the threat actors, their methods, and motivations behind disinformation and influence campaigns. Protect your organization’s brand and reduce malign foreign influence.

Third-Party Due Diligence

Uncover 3rd-party risks you can’t see. Proactively protect your organization by informing your legal, M&A, employment, and partner decisions.
Insider Threats
Protect your organization from malicious and unintentional insider threats with insights to reduce your risk and mitigate your losses.

Human Risk

Protect your people. Reduce their vulnerabilities and exposure. Pinpoint and avert the digital threats with the potential to evolve into physical harm.
Our Services

Threat Intelligence for You

Nothing generic, we help you get answers to your questions and bring the intelligence and insights to drive your decisions and actions.

Nisos managed intelligence services help you understand and reduce your risks. Through our deep open source intelligence expertise we protect your business, teams, and key assets from adversaries seeking to harm them by assessing your risks, monitoring the digital realm, and performing deep threat investigations.

Targeted and actionable intelligence delivered as an extension of your team


Our risk assessments offer clear insights and tailored advice to enumerate and mitigate your organization’s risks. We examine your digital presence, physical setup, key staff, past incidents, and data leaks.

We collaborate with your team to understand your needs and priorities, and then provide a full assessment with actionable steps to minimize your risk.


We monitor specific threats to your company using an advanced intelligence platform and expert analysts. We sift through digital data across multiple domains and ecosystems to identify and evaluate threats, illuminating what matters most.

We immediately alert you to critical threats and your dedicated Nisos team delivers regular updates.

Our experienced analysts and client success team provide practical advice to protect your organization.


Nisos digital investigations deliver quick, actionable answers to any threat or security challenge – big or small – to help protect your organization and reduce your risk.

Our expert intelligence analysts collaborate with your team to understand the problem and your goals. We then gather and analyze data from multiple digital sources to deliver the finished intelligence you need.

How We Drive Impact

The Nisos Managed Intelligence Difference

We unveil “the who” behind your threats to help you keep your customers, people, and organization safe.

We protect your reputation and value, increase your revenues, and help you avoid regulatory penalties and fines.

We inform your critical technology and policy decisions, as well as your M&A, legal, and partner strategies.

Our teams help you reduce risk, losses, and foreign influence threats.

Client Success

Nisos Client Journeys

As trusted advisors we provide enterprise-wide intelligence for use by your security, intelligence, fraud, and trust and safety functions.
Why turn to Nisos?
Do you need to know the “who” behind a digital threat – quickly?
Do you have complex threat-related problems and lack the people to solve them?
Do you want to use intelligence to refine and maximize your tech stack, minimize costs, and optimize your security and intel programs?
Do you need a digital investigation partner who can dig deeper with maximum discretion?
Are you inundated with data and need deep expertise to prioritize and provide context?
How we work together
You can use our team to augment your existing intelligence capabilities or as an outsourced Intelligence-as-a-Service partner.
You can come to us to solve a focused question or time-sensitive problem, we exceed your expectations, and then we begin working with your teams on a more regular cadence.
You may use our full suite of risk assessment, threat monitoring, and investigation services – or just one.
We communicate and collaborate with your team regularly – even daily for urgent matters.

Uncovered What Others Couldn’t

In just a few weeks, your analysts have generated numerous promising leads the FBI, US Marshals and Interpol could not uncover, despite having a three year head start.

Top Attorney | In Pursuit of an International Fugitive

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Expert Insights

DPRK Personas Featured Image
Research Investigation
Probable DPRK Employment Fraud
Nisos investigators identified a number of online personas probably used by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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Press Coverage
Meta Takes Down ‘Largest Ever’ Chinese Influence Operation
New details on a vast effort that may be only the beginning of China’s information-warfare ambitions.

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Case Study
Protecting Online Platforms
Discover how Nisos helps protect, and preserve safe, open, profitable environments where users thrive.

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