Deter. Defend. Defeat.

Responsive strategies & intelligent defenses for protecting your enterprise.

Defense against active and persistent threats that seek to undermine society

The increasing gap in capability, experience and available talent limit a company's ability to detect, deter and defeat modern and emerging threats. 

We founded Nisos to bridge that gap.

Attack Simulation

Truly understand and improve your defenses through a nation-state caliber attack with adversarial tools and techniques.


Stop unauthorized parties from abusing or manipulating your platform(s) for nefarious purposes and find out who they really are.


Detect and analyze coordinated inauthentic behavior and disinformation campaigns

Supply Chain Assurance

Assess who is attacking your supply chain and mitigate illegal and fraudulent activities to prevent further impact.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Get a clear picture of the cyber risk factors surrounding mergers or acquisitions to prevent compromise of corporate value.


Attribute and mitigate malicious insiders that operate from legitimate positions of access within your environments.

Our Services

Tough Problems Require a Different Approach

Attack Simulation

We simulate an attack on your organization to determine your vulnerabilities and measure your capacity to detect and respond.


Adversary Detection

Bad actors leave indicators of compromise - we find them and work with you to eliminate the threat.


Threat Investigations

We identify, collect, analyze and attribute threat actors exploiting your organization and platforms.


Our Story

As cyber operators in the U.S. Government, our team routinely noticed corporations that represented the backbone of U.S. society falling victim to sophisticated threat actors.

Since all threats now traverse the digital plane, the private sector needed help addressing this new reality.

Nisos formed for that purpose, and we’ve had the chance to work with leaders in a variety of industries, addressing platform abuse, supply chain integrity, complex insider investigations, and nation-state level hacking, among other issues.


Our Differentiation

We have many years’ experience attacking and countering the very same adversaries now aggressively targeting your enterprise.

We deploy proprietary, patent-protected tools and data sets to accurately and efficiently solve problems, emulate realistic threat, and protect our clients’ interests.

We provide a level of creativity to both problem solving and attack simulation traditional service providers cannot match.

We combine capabilities inside and outside an organization’s firewall to provide holistic coverage of digital risk.

We work with any tool set and frequently develop our own tools for our clients as needed.

We produce tailored reporting at a nation-state intelligence level.


Our Value

We have unparalleled top level experience as the adversary against the most difficult targets in the world
Our blended team approach allows us to address digital risk with both traditional cyber and human-focused analytic skill sets

Our Results

As a result of our value and differentiation, we are uniquely positioned to define the risk to and support the protection of an organization’s “crown jewels”

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