Access a world-class intelligence capability tailored to your specific needs. Control a multi-million dollar program without the time or expense and solve problems both lasting and acute.

What is Managed Intelligence

Control a World-Class Intelligence Capability Tailored to Your Needs

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Tough Problems Require a Different Approach


Ongoing risks, whether from one threat actor or many, require persistent focus. Leverage skills, data, and technology to harden your defenses.



Gain the context needed to make informed decisions during periods of heightened risk.



Why Nisos

  • Leverage our real-world experience as the adversary targeting the most difficult actors in the world to solve your problems with first-hand experience
  • Answer more questions with analysts using our complex and hard to find external data sets
  • Inform the business with actionable insights tailored to your realities  


Mitigate Advanced Threat Actors 

Inform your security operations with greater context answering the “how” and “why” of the threat actors you face.

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Stop Platform

Take action against nefarious use of your platforms with the “who” and “how” of threat actors targeting them.

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Enable informed business responses with the “who” and “why” behind coordinated campaigns.

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Third Party Risk Diligence

Increase the effectiveness of your security evaluations with specifics on the “where” and “what” of your third party risk profile.

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Cyber Diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions

Facilitate a smooth transition with the “what” and “why” of the security risks to your acquisition.

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Mitigate Insider

Improve your program’s ability to get to “who” and “what” with technical program building and investigations.

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Our Story

As cyber operators in the U.S. Government, our team routinely noticed corporations that represented the backbone of U.S. society falling victim to sophisticated threat actors.

Since all threats now traverse the digital plane, the private sector needed help addressing this new reality.

Nisos formed for that purpose, and we’ve had the chance to work with leaders in a variety of industries to improve their defenses.

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