Adversary Insights® Investigations

Elevate your security program with real intelligence answers to any question, and custom risk reporting.

Outsmart the Evolved Adversary

Deep Intel Expertise & Multi-Source Collection

Elevate your security program with real intelligence answers to any question.

Nisos delivers insights into threat actor behavior, motivations, plans and intentions which exist outside of your environment. Matched with our diverse in-house expertise, Nisos provides the answers you need to identify, stop and prevent damage to you, your brand, and your customers.

Tailored to You

Intelligence & Research

Nisos helps clients investigate adversaries throughout the full intelligence lifecycle. Intelligence tasking allows us to investigate specific threats relevant to your organization through curated, multi-faceted, global, proprietary, and licensed information – scaling up or down our services to meet your evolving needs and requirements.


Understanding the Attacker

In addition to providing intelligence that allows you to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and networks, Nisos provides context that helps inform and prioritize risk mitigation. 

When warranted, we can perform real attribution and unmasking. We collect data that, when paired with our expert adversarial mindset, provides finished intelligence to detect, disrupt, and prevent adversary operations.

This enables you to determine if you are a target of opportunity or direct target of attack, which allows you to take action up to, and including, legal or law enforcement intervention. The actionable intelligence provided speeds your ability to resume normal business operations with the least disruption.


How it Works

With Nisos on your team, you can send us RFIs, taskers, or questions and receive back fast, expert insights. We ‬leverage our robust analytic methodology and tech stack to collect, store, enrich, and integrate global and client-specific data from a large variety of sources and data lakes.

Our work helps arm your internal team with the intel they need to work faster and with more accuracy.

Disrupting the Adversary

How We Address Common Challenges

Defending and Responding to Cyber Crime, Espionage, Fraud, and Abuse

To defend against cyber crime‭, espionage‭, fraud, and abuse, you must detect threats with greater speed‭, ‬accuracy‭, ‬and effectiveness‭. ‬In addition, and most importantly, the intelligence must be tailored to combat threats against your specific organization. ‬

For security professionals seeking adversarial context for actionable outcomes, ‬Nisos takes a comprehensive approach. We meet the challenges of fighting and stopping threat actors with more diverse information and analysis by applying multilingual fluency and global linguistic expertise. Nisos is built to answer the questions most important to you, delivering finished intelligence specific to the threats that impact you and manifest in your environment.

Counter Disinformation and Brand Reputation Attacks

The cyber domain brings significant risk to reputation, ‬brand‭, employees, ‬products‭, ‬and workplaces. ‬While the risks associated with disinformation and reputation attacks are not new‭, ‬they are increasing in both volume and scope‭. ‬Well-funded and technically sophisticated adversaries continue to inflict damage upon their targets‭. ‬

Nisos provides real context and optional attribution for threats to your brand and assets‭. ‬Our approach utilizes our robust multi-source collection capabilities with analysis from fraud, financial‭, political, ‬competitive‭, ‬and activism perspectives‭. ‬

When an issue is identified‭, ‬we determine the actors propagating it and the outlets and methods they are using‭. ‬For coordinated‭ ‬inauthentic behavior‭, ‬we will reveal the technical signatures of their approach and enable‭ ‬you to shut down the spread and the threat actor‭ at scale.‬

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Provide Executive Protection

For businesses looking to gather greater insight and develop protection for VIPs‭, ‬executives‭, ‬and their families‭, ‬Nisos can help‭ ‬mitigate threats and recommend actions that can be taken to reduce digital online footprints‭. Using monitoring and attribution‭ ‬methods‭, ‬Nisos tracks and identifies threats on social media and within the dark web targeting your people‭. ‬

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