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Retail Threat Intelligence

Gain insight and disrupt threats to your omnichannel retail assets, customers, and employees.

Serving retail and e-commerce clients

eCommerce Fraud on the Rise

Learn more about ecommerce fraud, fraudulent online store operations, and steps retailers can take to stay ahead of fraudsters.
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Stop thieves and violent attacks

Unmask Organized Retail Crime

A sophisticated network of boosters, fencers, and front companies launder money and stolen merchandise, often at the behest of nation-state actors and global crime syndicates. Unmasking organized retail crime groups takes Nisos’ tradecraft, tools and know-how.

Uncover illicit activity and counterfeits

Defeat Retail Fraud

Scammers are innovators. Staying ahead of fake online stores, counterfeit and stolen products, and the latest checkout fraud schemes requires visibility into wherever criminals set up shop. Nisos gives you visibility into chatter and exposure on the surface deep and dark web without the risk or the noise.

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Protect your bottom line

Stymie Retail Shrink

While external theft drives shrink for most retailers, employee theft and vendor fraud are growing problems. Nisos provides tailored, finished intelligence to address threat actors targeting every chain of the retail environment.


“We trust and look to Nisos when support is needed to address complex security challenges. Throughout the course of our relationship, their ability to conduct tailored evidence collection and analysis to aid in our security investigations has enabled us to mitigate significant risks across cybersecurity, disinformation, fraud, and physical security.”

Andrew Stanley
Chief Information Security Officer


The High Costs of Retail Crime

According to data from the National Retail Federation, it was reported in 2021 that organized retail crime inflicted an approximate cost of $777,877 per $1 billion in sales on the U.S. retail industry.

$95 Billion

Cost of Organized Retail Crime to retailers and communities in 2021
Source: National Retail Federation

Over 30%

Retailers have experienced ‘much more’ guest-on-associate violence, theft, and organized retail crime over the past five years.
Source: National Retail Federation


Organized crime operations use violence, like smash-and-grab, firearms, battery, flash mob tactics, or threats.
Source: National Retail Federation

People, Process, and Technology

Leave thieves empty-handed.
Explore our retail security solutions.

Managed Intelligence Suite

Reduce your risk with intel analysts who serve as an extension of your team. Remove the noise, and elevate your security program with real answers.

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Threat Landscape Assessment

Reduce your risk with a comprehensive baseline assessment of your organization’s threat profile. Understand your exposure so you can focus on prevention.

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OSINT Monitoring and Analysis

Know the critical threats for your organization and have the answers you need to respond immediately.

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Trust and Verify

The Nisos Managed Intelligence Difference


Immediately Useful Intelligence: Timely and relevant intelligence that facilitates smart decision-making.

Intelligence Tailored to You: Specific to your organization, your priorities, risks and security needs.

An Extension of Your Team: Top caliber experts working shoulder to shoulder with you, for you.

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