Cookie Policy

Last modified: February 1, 2021
This Cookie Policy (“policy”) details the practices of Nisos Holdings Inc. (“we”, “us” or “Nisos”) with respect to our use of cookies to aid in our understanding of how visitors navigate our website and interact with our marketing materials. We are in the business of security and strongly believe in preserving your privacy and being transparent in explaining how we use your data when you use this website. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Why We Use Cookies
Your trust is important to us and we endeavor to protect your privacy while raising awareness about our services and offerings to those interested. To accomplish these goals and provide increasingly relevant content to our visitors, we use cookies that enable us to learn how our visitors navigate through the site and interact with our marketing materials. We may also use cookies to recommend content that might interest you based on your past interactions with us and to expand upon our historic interactions with you. We make every reasonable effort to minimize the information we collect to understand our web traffic and enable our users to proactively minimize the data they store on their devices.

What Are Cookies?
A cookie is a small text file, unique to your device or browser, that helps us learn about things like when users arrive at our site, how they use the site, when they leave, and when they come back. We use third-party cookies through partners like Google Analytics and HubSpot to understand website performance and customer interest in our services. These cookies do not allow us to know your personal information, only how you interact with our website and marketing materials published on the web.

Types of Information We Collect
Information we collect and use may include, among other things browser information, the type of computer and technical information about a user’s means of connection to our website, such as the operating system and the Internet service providers utilized and other similar information.

Deleting or Disabling Cookies
In addition to modifying cookies by visiting our website, you can set or modify your browser to delete or refuse cookies. If you choose to refuse cookies, you may still use our website but your experience of our website may be affected. As the means by which you can refuse cookies through your web browser controls vary depending on your browser, we recommend that you consult your browser’s help menu for more information on these adjustments. To opt out of Google Analytics cookies, please click here and follow the instructions to download the Opt-Out browser.

Updates and Questions
We may periodically update this policy to reflect, for example, changes to the cookies we use or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons. Any changes to this policy will be done so by update to this page with the date of the last edit to the policy posted.

For the most up-to-date information or with specific questions on how we use cookies, please check back here. For more information on our privacy practices generally, please check out our privacy policy or contact us.

Adversary Research
Discovering the methods, motives and identity of threat actors to disrupt attacks 
Reputation Defense
Technical guidance for countering disinformation and slanderous attacks 
Trust & Safety
Intelligence to secure business operations and defend against fraud, abuse and e-crime 
TPRM Exposure
Adversary-centric intelligence to address supplier, M&A and investment risks 
Outside Intel
Research for defending outside the firewall that leverages tier 3 intelligence programs 
Executive Shield
Assessment of threats to key personnel with attribution and PII takedown  
Adversary Insights℠ Retainer
Annual retainers for client-driven inquiries and rapid-response research 
Intelligence Team as a Service
Collaborative engagement providing robust intelligence and tier 3 cyber analysts  
Event-Driven Intel Investigations
Multidimensional security fact-finding that delivers insights into adversary behavior 
On Demand Threat Research
Proactive and preventative investigations that reveal threat actor context and risk correlations 
Investment Zero Touch Diligence℠
Project-based discovery to assess risk for investments, IPO, Mergers and Acquisitions 
TPRM Zero Touch Diligence℠
Subscription assessment of external network hygiene, key personnel, and non-traditional business risks