Cyber Threat Intelligence

Bolster your breach defenses with Managed Intelligence.

Analyst-Led Intelligence

Reduce Your Risk of a Breach

Elevate your cybersecurity program with analyst-led Managed Intelligence. Arm your teams with 360° risk visibility, immediately useful threat intelligence, and expert guidance to protect your organization.

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People, Process, and Technology

Reduce Your Platform and User Risk with
Managed Intelligence™


75% of security leaders admit to struggling to stay ahead of an ever-changing landscape.

Nisos helps you by understanding your risk profile, telling you what to prioritize, and how to improve your security posture.

Our client-specific data that is sourced from 30+ licensed, curated, and proprietary intel feeds and collection tools and contains 20B+ database records from breach compilations and dark web forums.

Threat Monitoring

84% of CISOs are concerned they’re missing threats or incidents because of the high volume of alerts and data.

With all that you have happening, it’s critical to remove the noise. Get full threat visibility, know which threats matter most, and how to respond.

Nisos provides clarity that enables you to focus on what matters most. Experience threat monitoring and specific mitigation recommendations with zero noise.


82% of security leaders feel their organization’s approach to threat intelligence is too reactive.

You can inform your threat response with comprehensive context and expert guidance through managed intelligence.

Ask unlimited questions, get unlimited responses and access to our team of analysts and customer success team members who average 10+ years of US intelligence ops and Fortune 500 experience.

The Partner You Want

Stay Ahead of Threat Actors

We partner with your cybersecurity and CTI teams to prevent and mitigate cyber attacks and stay one step ahead of threat actors, cybercrime and emerging malware. The threat intelligence we provide is context-rich, finished intelligence that you can use for tactical, operational and strategic use cases.
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“We trust and look to Nisos when support is needed to address complex security challenges. Throughout the course of our relationship, their ability to conduct tailored evidence collection and analysis to aid in our security investigations has enabled us to mitigate significant risks across cybersecurity, disinformation, fraud, and physical security.”

Andrew Stanley
Chief Information Security Officer
Mars Inc.

Addressing Risk

How We Help Clients


Threat Monitoring and Alerting

Collect and analyze organization-specific risk data and alert you critical threats


Data Leaks and Exposure

Identify and mitigate your leaked company data and assets


Validate actor claims of your breached credentials, data dumps, direct network access, stolen IP for sale


Risk Assessment

Assess multi-site network attack surfaces and threat vectors. Prioritize vulnerabilities and exposure beyond your digital perimeter

Incident Response

Unmask the adversaries who attack you. Securely acquire actor tools, exploits, and data via direct actor interaction

Executive Protection

Reduce risk of your personnel being an attack vector to your organization. Monitor and reduce PII exposure across physical and cyber domains



Insider Threats

Discover indicators and validate insider threats

M&A Risk Analysis

Inform your strategic business decisions with zero-touch diligence

Geopolitical and Hacktivist Risk

Identify threat chatter in the dark web, IRC, messaging networks and underground forums

Trust and Verify

The Nisos Managed Intelligence Difference


Immediately Useful Intelligence: Timely and relevant intelligence that facilitates smart decision-making.

Intelligence Tailored to You: Specific to your organization, your priorities, risks and security needs.

An Extension of Your Team: Top caliber experts working shoulder to shoulder with you, for you.

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“Before Nisos we were using another vendor to manage online brand and reputation threats. Their keyword searches were screwed up and we were generating 40,000 alerts every day. There was absolutely no actionable intelligence. We brought in Nisos. Nisos does the analysis, so we can focus on the risks that matter.”

Director, Risk Management | Global Healthcare Company

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