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Protecting Online Platforms

Gain insights to protect and preserve safe, open, profitable environments where users thrive

Platform Trust

Ensure Safe and Compliant Spaces



Online platforms must defend against determined, non-traditional attacks that threat actors use to target you and your users.

Whether you face organized crime, nation-state campaigns, or individual actors, Nisos can unmask and attribute the threats targeting your platform.



Confidently shutting down a threat requires diligence and know-how.

Nisos supports service providers with answers to critical security questions and provides guidance to increase adversary costs, through legal, organizational, or technical responses.


The EU’s Digital Services Act defines a new set of digital rules for service providers and online platforms operating in the European Union.

Nisos intelligence services support DSA compliance, including risk assessments, incident response, and content flagging.

Marketing Research

What India’s Elections Can Teach Us About AI

Nisos investigators monitored India’s 2024 election cycle as a case study to analyze how candidates and political campaigns were using AI to disseminate messaging to a diverse audience. The multifaceted use of AI in India’s elections offers valuable insights leading up to other elections around the world.

Success Stories

IP Theft and Data Scraping
Nisos unmasks actors publishing content stolen from a top educational technology brand.

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Extremism and Recruiting
Nisos does a deep dive into an anti-government militia recruiting on a global social media platform.

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Targeted Disinformation
Nisos investigates threat actors behind targeted campaigns against global Healthcare technology brands.

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Threat Monitoring
Nisos provides overwatch for a major gig economy platform whose CEO was the target of planned protests.

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“Nisos has an amazing team. They have assisted us tremendously as we have grown our security capabilities over the past several years. Their ability to adapt to our needs as we mature has made them a key and critical partner for us.”
Dan Williams | Senior Manager, Physical Security – Uber Technologies, Inc

Open Source Experts

Your Trusted Digital Investigation Partner

Nisos analysts operate as an extension of your team, performing critical digital investigations to tie digital footprints to real-world threats. They draw on powerful technology, deep intelligence expertise, experience, and mastery of sophisticated tradecraft to deftly navigate across platforms and the open source ecosystem to deliver the answers you need to shut down threats. We help trust and safety teams combat illicit content, uncover cyber threats, and monitor for threats of violence, with specialization in:


  • Threat actor and adversary attribution
  • Coordinated inauthentic behavior
  • Anti-scraping
  • Disinformation and misinformation
  • Extremist communities, events, and recruitment
  • And more…
People, Process, and Technology

Reduce Risk to Your Platform with Nisos


Investigate digital threats with confidence

Clients have direct access to Nisos’ analysts and top advisors, who boast over a decade of high-stakes intelligence and investigation experience stemming from the intelligence community at large.



Stay in lockstep with adversaries by measuring exposure and emerging risks

Analyst-led monitoring and critical threat alerting will address your Client’s unique needs, supplying specific responses and tailored risk-reduction recommendations, allowing you to drive your reputation as a trust advisor to in-house counsel and company leadership.



See through the eyes of an adversary

Nisos’ intelligence platform ingests 30+ licensed, curated, and proprietary intel feeds and collection tools and contains 20B+ database records from breach compilations and dark web forums. This data is carefully and closely reviewed by analysts to provide tailored and structured assessments designed to transfer risk away from your clients.


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Trust and Verify

The Nisos Managed Intelligence Difference


Immediately Useful Intelligence: Timely and relevant intelligence that facilitates smart decision-making.

Intelligence Tailored to You: Specific to your organization, your priorities, risks and security needs.

An Extension of Your Team: Top caliber experts working shoulder to shoulder with you, for you.

“The scale, scope, and pace of risks faced by enterprises today and tomorrow will only continue to accelerate, driving the need for businesses to generate and then translate insight into action at an ever-faster rate. Nisos’ uniquely qualified team excels at building insight across the risk spectrum, working hand-in-hand with businesses to apply insights to drive effective mitigation.”

John Moore | Global Risk Management Professional

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