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Finance Threat Intelligence

Reduce your losses and risk. Stop financial fraud and illicit activities.

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Chargeback Dispute Abuse

Learn more about chargeback dispute abuse and how scam networks defraud financial institutions and your customers.
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Protect your company and clients


Financial fraud is lucrative, perpetrated in increasingly innovative ways, and often involves a sophisticated global network of threat actors. Nisos specializes in unmasking, mapping out these networks, and providing the intelligence you need to shut down fraud and reduce your losses.
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Proactively know your customers


Preventing your organization from being used for illicit activities requires insight into your customers and their transactions. From Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) to responding to BSA/AML-related consent orders and more, Nisos threat intelligence provides the answers you need to get back to Business As Usual (BAU).

“The other intelligence vendors we’ve worked with were just pushing information. Initially, we’d get too much noise. We’d complain and they’d ‘tune it’ and then they would miss everything. Nisos actively manages our problems with engaged professionals. If I could make one recommendation to Nisos, I’d tell them to make that the first bullet point in every Nisos sales presentation.”
Head of Threat Intel
Multinational Financial Services Company


The High Costs of Financial Crime

The digital banking and e-commerce revolutions have in an increasingly digital age, the retail industry finds itself at the forefront of a mounting cybersecurity battle, grappling with a rising tide of data breaches, substantial financial ramifications, and the unique vulnerabilities posed by the booming realm of e-commerce.


The percentage of large financial services organizations who reported actual or attempted payments fraud
Source: AFP Payments Fraud and Control Report 2022

$56.7 billion

The annual spend of US and Canadian financial services organizations on financial crime compliance in the U.S.
Source: LexisNexis Sept 2022


The average cost to US financial services firms for every $1 lost to fraud
Source: LexisNexis Nov 2022

People, Process, and Technology

Level the playing field. Know your adversaries.
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Adversary Insights Investigations

Reduce your risk with intel analysts who operate as an extension of your team, providing threat intelligence and adversary expertise.

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Zero Touch Diligence

Understand any organization’s risk and profile without engagement or access.

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OSINT Monitoring and Analysis

Remove the noise. Know the critical threats for your organization. Have the answers you need to respond immediately.

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Trust and Verify

The Nisos Managed Intelligence Difference


Immediately Useful Intelligence: Timely and relevant intelligence that facilitates smart decision-making.

Intelligence Tailored to You: Specific to your organization, your priorities, risks and security needs.

An Extension of Your Team: Top caliber experts working shoulder to shoulder with you, for you.

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“Before Nisos we were using another vendor to manage online brand and reputation threats. Their keyword searches were screwed up and we were generating 40,000 alerts every day. There was absolutely no actionable intelligence. We brought in Nisos. Nisos does the analysis, so we can focus on the risks that matter.”

Director, Risk Management | Global Healthcare Company

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