Fraud Intelligence

Gain insight and disrupt threat actors who illegally leverage corporate systems for monetary gain.

Stop Fraudsters

Intelligence to Mitigate Loss

Whether in the cyber or physical world, threat actors may be illegally leveraging your enterprise for monetary gain. Savvy thieves can significantly affect your bottom line as well as the trust you’ve worked to build with customers.


Stop Scammers

The creativity of some threat actors is impressive. The damage they may leave can significantly affect your business operations. Your response needs to outpace their innovation.

Examples of Fraud Intelligence Use Cases

  • Account takeover, identity theft, and purchase operations
  • Corporate process loophole exploitation
  • Tech stack exploitation from disjointed/disconnected systems
  • E-commerce, store/gift card fraud, and illicit money purchases
  • Retail spoofing and scams

Monitoring and Analysis

Reveal Threat Actor Activity

Let Nisos help identify the risks and recommended responses to threat actor activity. From custom RFI response to ongoing monitoring and analysis, Nisos can help unmask and attribute adversaries while supporting your full intelligence lifecycle needs.
Individual Receiving a Call from an Unknown Threat Actor