APT Videocast

Taking Fraud Personally: Strategies for Detection and Prevention

Fraud is a constant threat that can disrupt lives, damage retail businesses, and erode trust in financial systems. Fraud actors’ ability to continuously evolve and exploit vulnerabilities allows them to victimize a growing number of individuals and organizations. To combat ever-changing tactics, staying informed is often our best defense.

Our expert panel will address the effects fraud can have on individuals and retailers, as well as the direct and tangential damage it causes to financial institutions. Whether you’re an individual looking to protect your family and secure your personal information or a business owner seeking to safeguard your organization and reputation, education about and strategies to combat threat actors are vital in the battle against fraud.

  • Outline fraud perpetrated against individuals, retail businesses, and financial institutions.
  • Identify key indicators of fraudulent transactions or representatives.
  • Review new or unique ways in which fraud actors are acquiring victims.
  • Discuss fraud’s potential impact on a retail company or financial institution’s brand and reputation.
  • Get insight into how to effectively protect your sensitive information.

Panelists include: