The Cyber5 Podcast

EP35: The Cyber5 – Creation, Maintenance, and Ethics of Sock Puppets

Episode 35 | December 10, 2020

Episode 35 | December 10, 2020

Episode 35 of the podcast covers the creation, maintenance, and ethics of sock puppet accounts (Online Personas) with open source intelligence researcher Micah Hoffman.


  • Question 1 (01:35): How do you grow your connections, follows, or friends on sock puppets accounts?
  • Question 2 (04:10): How do you prevent cross contamination on your sock puppets from your legitimate social media?
  • Question 3 (06:00): What are some operational security measures you use in creating sock puppets to ensure they are backstopped?
  • Question 4 (10:02): What are some ethical and legal considerations when creating sock puppets?
  • Question 5 (12:58): What are some good business investigative use cases for using sock puppets?