The Cyber5 Podcast

Using Automation for Stronger SOC Collaboration with Scythe CTO Jorge Orchilles

Episode 23 of the podcast covers automation for stronger cyber threat intelligence (CTI), red team, and blue team collaboration with Scythe CTO Jorge Orchilles.


  • (01:25) Question 1) Explain the difference between attack simulation techniques and MITRE ATT&CK techniques and elaborate what is more useful for a blue team.
  • (03:04) Question 2) Is an attack simulation more useful to a blue team than threat intelligence?
  • (06:27) Question 3) In your opinion, should MITRE ATT&CK start incorporating red team techniques into their framework(s)? Why or why not?
  • (07:56) Question 4) What’s a role automation can play to better remediate between numerous stakeholders following a red team? What are some of the challenges with automating behavior as well as malicious adversary tools and TTPs? Is it difficult to automate specific cyber actors?
  • (16:53) Question 5) How can red teams and threat intelligence teams be combining their skillsets and efforts more efficiently?

Episode 23 | September 10, 2020

Adversary Research
Discovering the methods, motives and identity of threat actors to disrupt attacks 
Reputation Defense
Technical guidance for countering disinformation and slanderous attacks 
Trust & Safety
Intelligence to secure business operations and defend against fraud, abuse and e-crime 
TPRM Exposure
Adversary-centric intelligence to address supplier, M&A and investment risks 
Outside Intel
Research for defending outside the firewall that leverages tier 3 intelligence programs 
Executive Shield
Assessment of threats to key personnel with attribution and PII takedown  
Adversary Insights℠ Retainer
Annual retainers for client-driven inquiries and rapid-response research 
Intelligence Team as a Service
Collaborative engagement providing robust intelligence and tier 3 cyber analysts  
Event-Driven Intel Investigations
Multidimensional security fact-finding that delivers insights into adversary behavior 
On Demand Threat Research
Proactive and preventative investigations that reveal threat actor context and risk correlations 
Investment Zero Touch Diligence℠
Project-based discovery to assess risk for investments, IPO, Mergers and Acquisitions 
TPRM Zero Touch Diligence℠
Subscription assessment of external network hygiene, key personnel, and non-traditional business risks