Halting Adversary Operations


Service: Event-Driven Intel Investigations


Multidimensional security fact-finding that delivers insights into adversary behavior – allowing you to respond in a timely and more deeply informed way to security events, incidents, and threats.

Common Incidents We Address

Turning threat data into actionable intelligence takes time, skill, experience, and the right tools. Nisos Managed Intelligence™ reduces the cost and burden of managing the people, process, and technology necessary for stopping adversaries.

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Cyber Crime, Espionage, E-Crime and Fraud

We will respond to cyber crime, espionage, e-crime, and fraud – defending you with intelligence tailored to combat targeted threats.

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Disinformation and Brand Reputation Attacks

We will determine actors propagating disinformation and identify outlets and methods being used to launch disinformation and reputation attacks.

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Non-Traditional Executive Cyber/ Physical Protection

We will identify, track, monitor, and help mitigate threats against your key personnel and their families – starting with reducing their digital footprints.

Multidimensional and Multi-Source Intelligence

When you need to know who and how someone is targeting your organization, Nisos provides expertise that delivers outside the firewall insights into threat actor behavior. This includes identifying actor motivations and intentions within their adversary mindset. We use complex data analysis and expert analysts to fill any visibility gaps you may have.

Nisos Intelligence Investigations are Different

We possess a differentiated set of collected data that, when paired with our expert adversarial mindset, provides intelligence to detect, disrupt, and prevent adversary operations. Most importantly, while Nisos can use our external telemetry to attribute actors with client-specific internal telemetry, often we thrive on not having an “internal network starting point”.

See Outside the Firewall

The traditional approach to cybersecurity is reactive, relying on collection of large datasets from breaches and the search for trends or outliers. Nisos extracts client-specific data that our experts analyze in order to provide valuable insights. 

Our robust analytic methodology and suite of tools help us equip your internal team so they have the intelligence necessary for more accurate investigations or prosecutions against those who pose an ongoing threat.

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