What is Nisos® Managed Intelligence™

Not all intelligence is created equal.

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Blog

Intelligence delivers actionable information to drive a decision.

Data is not information, and information is not intelligence. Data is the collection of raw facts. Information is the logical grouping of contextualized data.

Most cyber industry experts are familiar with these general intelligence categories:

  • Threat Intelligence is defined as knowledge about threats to a company, its team members and assets that can be used to inform and assist in decisions for prevention and response to that threat.
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence, often used interchangeably with the former, would then encompass that particular domain within threat intelligence that focuses on digital data.
  • External Threat Intelligence is distinguished as information outside of a client’s “internal information control” or outside of their internal telemetry, such as deep/dark web or social media.

Intelligence is not a product; it’s a process

“Intelligence” products, like the feeds and platforms that dominate the Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) market, may contain meaningful and relevant information but only provide a raw collection of facts. As such, they are not, by themselves, actionable and are not intelligence. True intelligence is the intersection of critical data, technology processes, and human analysis that delivers insight that is timely, relevant, and actionable.

Building and arming a security team that can cover the range of threats facing companies today is challenging, it requires:

  • Identifying, acquiring, and integrating commercially available and open source intelligence feeds, collection tools, and platforms
  • Hiring and nurturing personnel with special skills in OSINT collection, threat analysis, security strategy, linguistics, and communicating risks to key stakeholders, etc.
  • Providing professional development programs to evolve skills
    Coordinating key information among internal stakeholders

What is Managed Intelligence™?

Managed Intelligence is Threat Intelligence delivered as a Managed Service. Managed intelligence providers give organizations access to a team of experts dedicated to analyzing and identifying potential threats. These experts use various tools and technologies to help organizations avoid emerging threats.

By providing a comprehensive and up-to-date view of the threat landscape, managed intelligence providers help organizations make informed decisions about allocating resources and responding to potential and material threats. This helps reduce the risk of incidents, minimize the impact of attacks that do occur, and protect the organization’s reputation and bottom line.

Nisos Managed Intelligence: More Effective Intelligence

Nisos Managed Intelligence™ delivers client-specific threat intelligence as an analyst-led managed service. We identify, analyze, and help businesses remediate threats across physical and cyber intelligence domains. Our services support cybersecurity, trust & safety, and physical security teams with finished threat intelligence to enable smarter defense and informed responses to threats from motivated adversaries.

We help our clients defend their organization, preserve value, prevent loss, and defeat and attribute threats. Our in-depth understanding of the adversarial mindset allows us to provide clients with in-depth insights into the methodology and motivation of relevant threat actors.

The Nisos Process

Using proprietary and commercially available technology and datasets, Nisos delivers tailored intelligence with specific insights into targeted adversary behavior – not vague or generalized “threat data” or “feeds. Nisos fuses intelligence with expert investigative tradecraft to identify and disrupt cyber threats before harm occurs. Nisos investigators attribute and unmask adversaries when necessary so clients or law enforcement can pursue appropriate action.

Nisos combines the datasets, tools, and expert analysis necessary to deliver finished and actionable intelligence. With Nisos, you work with named technical operators and analysts who contextualize their findings to your specific organization.

How Nisos is Different:

  • Hyper-relevant Intelligence
    Nisos delivers intelligence that is relevant to your organization, addresses your unique risks, and aligns around your security priorities.
  • More than Actionable – Immediately Useful
    We’re not a feed or a platform; we deliver real answers – not just data. Nisos helps you quickly understand the who, what, when, how, and why of your threat landscape – without adding to the noise.
  • Our Experts, as an Extension of Your Team
    Nisos brings unmatched expertise and experience to each client relationship, giving you unlimited access and unlimited questions for more effective intelligence, saving you the cost of feeds and additional headcount.

Managed Intelligence™ Services Defined

For enterprise security teams with tight budgets, limited time, and expertise in short supply, Nisos fills a crucial gap by combining people, processes, and technology to deliver threat intelligence as a managed service.

Managed Intelligence Suite – Let Nisos be your threat intelligence partner

The Nisos Managed Intelligence™‭ ‬Suite allows security teams to offload complex threat intelligence efforts to an expert analyst team focused on your needs. ‬Nisos analysts have the tools and experience to efficiently reveal critical open source intelligence from the surface‭, ‬deep‭, ‬and dark web to identify threats in your security shadows‭.‬

Your Nisos Intelligence Analyst Team

Our analyst bench is fully staffed with adversary experts. They have field experience, come from 3-letter US government agencies, and speak multiple languages.

  • Client Success Director
    The point person for the relationship. An experienced Intelligence Analyst who scopes engagements and facilitates the feedback loop with clients.
  • Lead Analyst
    A seasoned analyst is assigned to spearhead the engagement, delegating to supporting analysts as needed.
  • Intelligence Advisor
    Provides subject matter expertise and helps clients fully understand how they can leverage our Managed Intelligence offerings.
  • Managing Principal
    A most senior member of the Pandion team, they assign a Lead Analyst, allocate resources, and perform a final review of reports.
  • The Nisos Dogpile
    When deep investigations or rapid responses are needed, Nisos assembles a team of analysts able to dig in right away.

Risk Assessments

Understand your existing risks so you can prioritize, respond, and focus on prevention

  • Threat Landscape: Comprehensive baseline assessment of your organization’s threat profile
  • Zero Touch Diligence®: Outside-in risk assessment of an M&A target or third party partner

Threat Monitoring

Understand your existing risks so you can prioritize, respond, and focus on prevention

  • OSINT Monitoring & Analysis: External threat monitoring, investigation, and critical threat alerting
  • Executive Shield: Holistic risk assessment, monitoring, plus PII identification and removal


Elevate your security program with answers to any of your intelligence questions

  • Adversary Insights® Investigations: Analyst expertise to identify and investigate risks and counter adversary threats
  • Event-Driven Intel Investigations: Multi-dimensional fact-finding in response to adversary behavior
About Nisos®

Nisos is The Managed Intelligence Company®. Our services enable security, intelligence, and trust and safety teams to leverage a world-class intelligence capability tailored to their needs. We fuse robust data collection with a deep understanding of the adversarial mindset delivering smarter defense and more effective response against advanced cyber attacks, disinformation, and abuse of digital platforms.