APT Videocast

Why Flexibility is the Key to Threat Intelligence Success

Stress is common for threat intelligence teams. Depending on the scale of an organization, its digital footprint, and the need for speed, that stress can seem almost constant. Building and maintaining an investigative capability that can scale with a business’ operational tempo is critical to satisfying stakeholders with timely and relevant answers to their questions. Just as important is the ability to properly triage and manage expectations for the analysis that will take place.

In this webinar, our experts will outline the common investigative capabilities required from a threat intelligence team to support customers and stakeholders. The panel will discuss the following:

  • Leveraging CTI support for incident response and insider threat
  • Rapid assessments for acquisitions
  • Fraud investigations for trust and safety teams
  • Monitoring and responding to geopolitical events
  • Addressing real-time threats to personnel and facilities

Panelists include:

  • Joe Oney: Senior Intelligence Consultant, Nisos
  • Elicia Williams: Intelligence Analyst, Nisos
  • Valerie G: Senior Intelligence Analyst, Nisos
  • Seth Arthur: Managing Principal, Nisos
  • Moderator – Landon Winkelvoss: Co-Founder and VP of Content, Nisos