APT Videocast

Using Threat Intelligence to Identify and Remediate Corporate and Physical Threats

In this 17th Nisos® Advanced Persistent Talks videocast, the panelists discuss using OSINT and Threat Intelligence to remediate corporate and physical threats. While open-source intelligence analysis and collection strategies answer many of these disciplines, they are often fragmented and rely on disparate, non-integrated platforms. Security leaders need to assure business executives’ collection strategies are ethical and legal, and therefore, outcomes and output become the primary focus.

In this webinar our panel of experts discussed:

  • The primary disciplines within a corporate security program
  • Open source intelligence coverage for Chief Security Officers
  • Collection and intelligence strategies
  • Three core areas to model a collection and intelligence strategy
  • Executive buy-in for corporate security programs

Featured Speakers:

  • Jack Sullivan – Chief Security Officer, Boston Scientific
  • Paul Kolbe – Director, The Intelligence Project, Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center
  • Charles Frattini – International Threat and OSINT Analyst, A Fortune 500 Company
  • Moderator: Landon Winkelvoss – Vice President and Co-Founder, Nisos