APT Videocast

Scaling Intelligence Collection Across Open Source and Social Media

In this Nisos® videocast, the panelists discuss the vast amounts of data available on social media platforms and how it is constantly growing. Identifying what threat content to collect and analyze, while avoiding the “noise,” often requires complex choices. Standard platforms, smaller off-platforms, closed forums, secret direct messaging channels, messaging applications, and obfuscated and misleading postings are all sources that need to be considered by enterprise security teams. Successfully aggregating all of these data sources, with their many shortcomings, presents challenges to even the most mature security and intelligence teams. Many fall short.

In this webinar our panel of experts discussed:

  • Scaling Open Source Intelligence for Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Common Problems that are Solved by Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Scaling OSINT for Physical Security
  • Scaling OSINT for Fraud

Featured Speakers:

  • Junay Hom – Managing Principle, Intelligence Services, Nisos
  • Jamie Kane – Senior Manager, Abuse Detection and Investigations, Oracle
  • John Grim – Director, Cyber Threat Intelligence, GSOC, Experian
  • Moderator: Landon Winkelvoss – Co-Founder and VP of Content, Nisos