APT Videocast

How to Adapt: Managing Intelligence Needs During Economic Downturn

The necessity and criticality of threat and risk intelligence doesn’t decline during an economic downturn. Unfortunately, budget constraints force every department to adapt in order to keep the organization competitive. For cybersecurity professionals, having to do more with less isn’t new, but managed security services for threat intelligence is. Flexibility is the key to success.

If your organization needs to adapt to the evolving threat landscape, our panelists will address controlling costs, improving flexibility, and empowering stakeholders with immediately useful information topics and takeaways:

  • Outline of the needs and priorities of finance during recession-impacted budgeting
  • The past precedent and evolution of managed services into managed intelligence
  • Identification of tools and expertise needed to run an advanced intel program
  • Hiring advice for how to bridge talent and expertise gaps – aka The War for Talent
  • Baselining intel expectations regarding people, processes and technology

Panelists include: