APT Videocast

Managed Intelligence: Working Together to Stop Your Adversaries

In this Nisos® videocast, the panelists discuss that in the private sector, the cyber security industry has hijacked the concept of threat intelligence. Cyber security vendors deliver threat data via platforms and feeds, which provides value, but falls short of actual intelligence because it lacks contextualization, refinement, and actionable recommendations. As the only Managed Intelligence™ provider, Nisos delivers finished intelligence to  Fortune 500 companies.

In this webinar our panel of experts discussed:

Featured Speakers:

  • Junay Hom – Managing Principle, OSINT Monitoring & Analysis Team, Nisos
  • Jared Hudson – Managing Principle, Adversary Insights Teams, Nisos
  • Rob Volkert – Managing Principle, Adversary Insights & Executive Shield Teams, Nisos
  • Moderator: Stephen Helm – Product Marketing Director, Nisos