APT Videocast

Building a Cyber Threat Intelligence Program

Building an intelligence program with a strong foundation is neither easy nor cheap. When done effectively, intelligence can be a multiplier for a variety of teams within the organization, company leadership, and the CISO.

It’s natural for an organization to start from one of two places. One being they’ve experienced an incident that was unexpected in nature and impact and now they prioritize threat intelligence so as not to get caught off guard. Or they are actively working on maturing their security program to incorporate a threat intelligence capability.

In this first threat intelligence webinar, we provide an overview for how to build an intelligence program. Topics covered include:

1) Creating Consumers of Intelligence

2) Planning Considerations

3) Managing Expectations

Our speakers include Nisos intelligence advisor, Patrick Tatro and Nisos senior intelligence consultant, Joe Oney. Before joining Nisos, Patrick was a cyber threat intelligence manager at consumer electronics retailer, Best Buy and global food corporation, Cargill. Joe Oney was a SOC manager with global law firm Hogan Lovalls, and global shipping company UPS.

Download the workbook here.