APT Videocast

Beyond Cybersecurity: Combating Threats Against the Retail Industry

In this 16th Nisos® Advanced Persistent Talks videocast, the panelists discuss the threats from Russian cyber criminals on retail businesses during the current crisis.

The retail sector is subjected to a wide range of threats and attacks. Attacks on customer data and their network are devastating for any business.  Online attacks targeting  brands and products can also impact  an organizations’ reputation and  revenue.  In addition, retailers face significant threats from actors targeting commerce platforms with fraud and abuse. And finally, the anonymity of online e-commerce marketplaces often leads to physical theft from brick-and-mortar retail establishments.

Traditional defenses tend to focus on advanced persistent threats.  Less attention is paid to the threats that occur at scale.  Security and Intelligence leaders must combat scams, account takeovers, and business email compromise. For example, ransomware prevention leverages traditional cyber security strategies, but combating account takeovers, reward card fraud, counterfeit, and stolen goods requires different approaches, tools, and expertise.  

In this webinar our panel of experts discussed:

  • Common types of fraud and abuse 
  • Threats targeting retail digital platforms and physical locations
  • Methods and Best Practices to combat e-commerce fraud and abuse
  • The use of  threat intelligence and investigation to identify perpetrators of physical theft as well as perpetrators of fraud and abuse.

Featured Speakers:

  • Carl Cahill – Director of Cyber Defense and Operations, Ahold Delhaize
  • Andrew Stanley – Chief Information Security Officer, Mars
  • Bryan Hundley – Vice President of Intel Operations, Retail Hospitality – ISAC
  • Moderator: Landon Winkelvoss – Vice President and Co-Founder, Nisos