Threat Mitigation

Once a problem is identified, what can be done?  Nisos mitigates some of the most challenging problems for some of the world’s biggest brands.

It could be a matter of digital, physical, or human security; it may be a deficiency of internal process; or it might stem from geopolitical issues some clients rarely encounter. The threats we mitigate are often a unique hybrid of several factors.

Whatever the root cause, Nisos help clients dominate threat.

We first identify, analyze, and stop sophisticated adversaries from harming our clients’ interests.  This can include stopping the abuse of our clients’ commercial platforms, sabotage of their industrial infrastructure, and the active targeting of high-value assets and key people.

We then set about solving the underlying issues - be that patching digital holes wherever they reside in the technology architecture, resolving sensitive insider threat issues and processes, or addressing complex manufacturing and integrity issues that can afflict the global supply chain.  We even create novel ways to deter malicious, coordinated efforts to undermine our clients’ brand value or manipulate their corporate narrative in the digital commons.

The Nisos team works alongside and advises our client counterparts to implement creative, effective mitigation tactics and strategies.  Nisos helps to build more capable and robust cyber, intelligence, and security functions wherever we go.



We grasp intimately the threats our clients face, since we generate the actionable assessments that illuminate the client’s decision-making process.

Even when the initial analysis is not ours, we will have likely encountered the threat issue troubling a client, and will know how to fix it.


Nisos creates mitigation strategies that stop existential threats and also fit with client resources and capacity.  

We work with client teams to redesign technology, processes, and procedures that stop the current threat and can prevent similar problems in the future.


Nisos can mitigate clients’ threat issues in any venue - whether fully embedded with client teams on-site across the globe; discreetly operating unseen to resolve sensitive matters; or as a flexible virtual team that augments client internal teams’ ongoing business needs.

We bring our own toolkit - bespoke, agency-grade solutions of our own, as well as best-of-breed commercial tools - and mitigate threats in a manner that fits our clients’ culture.

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