Threat Investigations

Businesses are faced with a growing set of complex problems as they operate and grow in the global economy, including M&A, personnel risks, and operating and partnering overseas. Nisos partners with clients to peel back layers of available open- and closed-source data. Viewed through the lens of the client’s business, we provide timely, actionable, and relevant assessments to manage and mitigate the risks that they face in operating and growing their businesses.



Our information operators fuse these various datasets to build a quantitative and qualitative assessment to provide clients a vivid picture of the risk they stand to inherit through a merger or acquisition. Through asset discovery and risk assessment, we perform due diligence on people, processes and applications on both the buyer and seller sides.


Nisos cultivates and collects data from a number of open, proprietary, and partner-provided data sources. When necessary and possible, we can also engage in local on-the-ground collection, providing in-depth regional context that would otherwise be impossible to obtain.

Client Engagment