Threat Investigations

Dominate Threats, Secure the Unknowns

Outside the Firewall

Outside the Firewall

Most threats your organization encounters live outside of your network and it is essential to look beyond your environment to understand and mitigate them.

Nisos peels back the layers of complexity and provides timely, actionable and relevant assessments of the threats you face. We excel at detecting and identifying complex and advanced threats wherever they live. 

Shine a Light in the Dark

Nisos combines multiple sources, including open, commercially available, deep and dark web, with technical data and analysis to give your business a greater understanding of the digital and real-world threats it faces.

Counter Disinformation

Counter-Disinformation as a Service uncovers who is coordinating disinformation campaigns against you and works with your team to combat against malicious disinformation as a service. 

Adversarial Attribution

Nisos uses deep expertise in identifying sophisticated threat actors and networks, conducts extensive investigation to attribute and locate them and better understand their motivations.

Platform Abuse

Nisos’ extensive and unique experience, in both public and private sectors, allows us to measure and monitor adversaries as they attempt to abuse your platform and work with your team to prevent their future activities.

Mergers & Acquisition Diligence

Exhaustive diligence on all aspects of your merger or acquisition and illuminating early indicators of technical compromise and external influence.

Executive Risk Diligence

Nisos provides tailored, discrete analysis of the threats facing your executives, family and their inner circle then identify how an adversary would use this information to compromise your corporate value.

Digital Identity Reduction

Nisos reduces your digital presence and lower the attack surface that others could use to compromise your security. We will identify your most sensitive vulnerabilities (physical and digital) and show you how to mitigate them.