Access a world-class intelligence capability tailored to your specific needs. Control a multi-million dollar program without the time or expense and solve problems both lasting and acute.

What is Managed Intelligence?

Managed Intelligence

Tailored Support for Persistent Problems


Extend Your Reach

Many organizations face persistent threats, either from specific actors, or as consistent targets of opportunity for a variety of actors. In both instances, it is important to tailor defensive posture to these threats.
Combining deep research and consistent monitoring capabilities, Nisos enables security teams to address persistent issues with the methodology, expertise, and data to truly action the underlying causes of lasting problems. 

Shine a Light in the Dark

Nisos operators use our internal analytic platform to enrich raw technical data, proprietary collection, and open source information to provide comprehensive insights on threat actors at scale, globally.

Mitigate Advanced Threat Actors

Inform your security operations with greater context answering the “how” and “why” of the threat actors you face.

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Stop Platform Abuse

Take action against nefarious use of your platforms with the “who” and “how” of threat actors targeting them.

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Counter Disinformation

Enable informed business responses with the “who” and “why” behind coordinated campaigns.

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Third Party Risk Diligence

Increase the effectiveness of your security evaluations with specifics on the “where” and “what” of your third party risk profile.

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Mergers and Acquisitions Cyber Diligence

Facilitate a smooth transition with the “what” and “why” of the security risks to your acquisition.

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Mitigate Insider Threats

Improve your program’s ability to get to “who” and “what” with technical program building and investigations.

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