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Services Overview

Insider Threat Webinar

Getting Inside Insider Threats: Response and Mitigation. Stopping malicious or simply incompetent insiders from doing damage isn't just an exercise in analyzing where the damage came from. Insider Threats aren’t just malicious employees. They can run the gamut from incompetent to accidental to theft.

Third Party Risk Diligence

Time is your most valuable asset. Let us give some of that back.

Know Your Cyber Third Party Risks

Most companies outsource housekeeping services to third-parties, such as human resource support, accounting, brand monitoring, etc.

While convenient and budget-friendly, outsourcing at any level raises cyber risks through increasing your attack surface to assets beyond your control.


We Evaluate and Vet Companies Based On Risk

Malicious attackers are smart, they know your organization has a well-structured cybersecurity defense, which is why they prey on smaller companies.

While not all third-party vendors are less secure, many have less stringent security protocols and malicious attackers will leverage this to gain access to your organization.

Using our threat investigation analysts and methodology, we conduct a thorough investigation of non-traditional third-party risks that will enhance your due diligence process and inform your strategy. 

We Provide Actionable Assessments

We know time is your most limited resource so we provide a list and explanation of the top threats your security team should prioritize solving with your third-party vendor.


We Conduct a Full Analysis

We conduct thorough investigations of high-risk vendors. We account for operational, reputational, legal, security and financial risks in the assessment. 

Our investigations can determine if the third-party vendor has been breached, has data on the dark web, exhibits indicators of compromise, and whether or not their technology and controls are up to the level you demand.


Prevent M&A Integration Delays

It is increasingly common for M&A activity to be delayed by up to six months due to unknown or undisclosed cybersecurity incidents, issues, or risks.

Involving Nisos early in the process can help prevent these delays. Through our technology platform and human analysts, we extract insights from external and proprietary data sources, analyze the target attack surface and uncover potential red flags.


We Are More Affordable And Require Far Less Oversight Than In-house Management

Using our threat investigation analysts and methodology, we conduct a thorough investigation of potential risks to avoid financial and reputational harm.  

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