Supply Chain Assurance

We identify illegal or fraudulent activities in both the physical and digital ecosystems in connection with client supply chains. We also investigate vendors and third-party suppliers, with an emphasis on foreign entities where verified business and citizen data information is difficult to obtain.

Nisos will conduct full diligence on supply chains and vendors to include open source research on surface web digital presence (social media, forums, blogs), detailed import/export shipment information from commercial and public databases, and deep/dark web forums and marketplaces.

Each country and geographic region has different customs data; this requires access to tailored datasets as well as an understanding of the methodologies for potentially obfuscated shipment activity. Nisos leverages access to a multitude of closed sources – discreet data providers, dark web access, and well-placed partners – to gain a comprehensive understanding of foreign supply chain networks and how actors are advertising, selling, and delivering protected client goods or other key commodities.


  • Protect customers from potentially dangerous fraudulent products, protect clients from financial loss, reputation damage, and physical or digital vulnerabilities

  • Comparison of counterfeit and authentic goods to determine differences in materials and quality, as well as obtaining samples from numerous different violators

  • Assurance on vetted and legal vendors and third-party suppliers