Protective Intelligence

Identify, assess, and mitigate threats to your company’s people, assets, and properties.

Defend What Matters

Research Vulnerabilities and Triage Risks

At the crossroads of physical and cyber risk, Nisos helps actively protect your enterprise from those who may wish to cause real harm. From organized protests to spear-phishing campaigns, we provide deeper, more robust intelligence.

Identify Danger

Protect Against Harm

Threats against your employees, business assets, or infrastructure cannot be taken lightly. Some actions can be devastating – you need multi-lingual, human-driven intelligence collection and analysis to properly assess threats and reduce the digital footprint of your people.

Co-Workers Discussing Protective Intelligence

Monitor Threats

Expert Intervention

Identify and track threat actors lurking on the dark web, social media, and extremist forums. Let Nisos help you disrupt the organizations and people that are targeting your team, business, and affiliates.

Negative Sentiment Analysis

  • Disinformation
  • Ideological opposition groups
  • Sentiment that inspires real-world harm

Country Risk Indicators

  • IP theft
  • Digital surveillance
  • Criminal activity

People and Property Threats

  • Threats to executives and key personnel
  • Threats to physical locations
  • Insider threat indications