Cyber Intelligence

Intelligence analysis using outside the firewall telemetry to bring context to your network security leveraging tier 3 expertise. Nisos increases your visibility. Learn about our unique multi-source data collection and how our experts use it to help you reduce risk.

Beyond Cybersecurity

Enriching Your Existing Threat Data

Nisos combines world-class expertise with client-specific data analysis to help you make informed decisions by providing human-curated analysis and the context your security tech stack lacks.

How We Help

Proper Classification and Recommendation

By enriching data into finished intelligence, Nisos can help deliver greater insight and attribution, allowing you to mitigate risks.

If you’re responding to an event – you need outside the firewall knowledge. Nisos can show you what exists and recommend controls to put in place. We can also help identify signs of compromise or mentions of adversary intentions through external threat hunting.

By enriching data into finished intelligence, Nisos can:
  • Find and mitigate corporate data leakage and leaked assets via internal domain leakage, certificate and domain abuse, and leaks to third-party code repositories (GitHub, DropBox, Linode)
  • Assess multi-site network attack surfaces and threat vectors
  • Customize and prioritize vulnerabilities and exposure outside your network perimeter
  • Identify indicators and validation of insider threats
  • Validate actor claims of breached credentials, data dumps, direct network access offers, stolen intellectual property for sale, or tools and exploits to target relevant security and IT software
  • Securely acquire actor tools, exploits, and data via direct actor interaction
  • Illuminate discussions and threat chatter observed in Dark Web/IRC/Messaging Networks and Underground Forums
  • Uncover internal domain leakage, DNS queries and malicious domain registrations and Malicious TLS Cert Identification
  • Review known compromised libraries, compromised publicly available docker images, and attacks against cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure)

Our Approach

Targeting Root Issues

We interface with your security operations and threat hunting teams as a tier 3 intelligence resource, providing external validation, RFI response, and monitoring to identify threats through technical signature analysis of internet telemetry, investigation on the deep/dark web, web traffic, social media, and closed forum adversary channels.

By engaging Nisos, you can work with precision to confirm discoveries, establish new controls, and research signs of compromise.