Our Services

All businesses today encounter threats while they operate on the digital plane. These threats - whether physical or virtual - at some point manifest digitally. Nisos helps organizations identify, understand, and mitigate the key threats that teams across a company face, to preserve the value of their assets and brand.

We deliver our services and provide additional value through a proprietary technology platform, which can scale to the size of your enterprise. We regularly work with many teams within an organization:

Threat Research & Assessment

We gather information on and off your network, assess the threat, and provide tactical and strategic recommendations.

Threat Hunting

We use a deep understanding of the adversarial mindset to hunt for threat actors and indications of their presence within your organization.

Threat SIMulation

We simulate a realistic attack on your organization, quantify an adversary’s ability to compromise your corporate assets and value, and measure your organization’s ability to detect and respond accordingly.

Threat Mitigation

We work alongside your team to prevent a threat from harming your corporate assets and interests.

Client Engagment

We tailor our engagements based on the priorities and needs of our clients. Our utmost focus is to derive value for, and provide value to, our clients. Our engagements are driven to uplift your team’s mission and protect your corporate value. Our deliverables provide comprehensive assessments, descriptions, and remediations that serve as the benchmark to move your organization into a secure posture.

Managed Active Defense

We also provides Managed Services covering Threat Research & Assessment, Threat Simulation, Threat Hunting, and Threat Mitigation to help organizations measure, mitigate, and manage threats facing their business on an ongoing basis.