Research: Election Manipulation as a Business Model

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Executive Summary

Nisos identified a predictive analytics firm, Predictvia, which advertises itself as manipulating public discourse and targeting voters in elections. Chief executive officer Ernesto Olivo Valverde heads the company, which is linked to Ing3nia, another predictive analytics firm registered in Florida and Venezuela.

Predictvia claims to use fake social media accounts and other digital assets, including its artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Seenatra (formerly Tucomoyo) to manipulate public discourse, particularly pertaining to:

  • The Fast Food Market
  • Elections
  • Publishing
  • Retail
  • TV
  • Banking

Predictvia operates a survey site called Befrankonline that feeds the AI platform. We evaluated the site’s infrastructure to identify possible survey campaigns.

Nisos found evidence from the Befrankonline platform’s survey infrastructure that Predictvia has possibly deployed surveys related to elections in Honduras and Guatemala, the latter of which included surveys about uprisings prior to and during elections.


Predictvia is a predictive analytics firm headquartered in Venezuela and Florida. Chief executive officer Ernesto Olivo Valverde and Maria Acedo founded the company in 2013. Predictvia was built on their Seentra platform, which derived from the Tucomoyo “predictive analysis platform” that Olivo Valverde’s prior company Ing3nia developed. (see source 1 in appendix) In 2013, tucomoyo[.]com began redirecting to Ing3nia’s website.

Discourse and Election Manipulation Claims

Predictvia claims to use artificial intelligence (AI) to manipulate public discourse using fake social media accounts. (see source 2 in appendix) Predictvia claims its platform conducts the following activities: (see source 3 in appendix)

  1. The Seenatra analytics platform identifies “human interests” and other data gathered from social media or directly from users via the DAS intelligent sampling system, recording topic data and generating tags.
  2. Run survey processes to verify which tags have the most activity of interest.
  3. Deployment of campaigns to those social media environments to influence and manipulate public discourse.


As recently as 2021, Predictvia listed use cases for the technology on its website, including “Fast Food Chain, Elections, Publisher, Department Store, TV Network.” The “Elections” use case described a multi-step process involving:

  1. Measuring voting intention for upcoming elections.
  2. Determining which issues are driving voting intention in different sub-segments.
  3. Supplying the data to target them.
  4. Measuring the impact of campaign actions on voting intention. (see source 4 in appendix)

Image 1: Predictvia’s website describes manipulation and control of public discourse on social media.

Image 2: Predictvia describes how their product is used as part of an election focus.

Image 3: Predictvia’s own imagery portrays the weaponization of social media. (see source 5 in appendix)


Ernesto Olivo Valverde is the CEO of Predictvia. Prior to his current position at Predictvia/Ing3nia, he worked at advertising company Lowe & Partners, and Neoris in Venezuela.



  • Telephone: +17862827455
  • Telephone: +14142284758
  • Social:
    • Facebook: https://www.facebook[.]com/ernesto.olivo
    • Gab:
  • Email: ernestoolivo@predictvia[.]com
  • Email: ernesto.olivo@gmail[.]com
  • Email: ernesto.olivo@ingenian[.]net


Predictvia’s precursor company was Ing3nia, owned by Hawkings Ventures, Inc. Hawkings Ventures, Inc may have entities in Florida, Panama, and Hong Kong. (see source 6 in appendix) Ing3nia described itself in 2015 as a team of nine programmers, mathematicians, data specialists, and game designers using “a number of tools to predict what things people (specific users) like the best or hate the most” operating underground in Caracas, Venezuela at Calle P3-6 Quinta Algarin Urb El Hatillo, Caracas, MI 1083 VE. (see source 7 and 8 in appendix)

Ing3nia’s Florida arm was incorporated as two companies, Ing3nia Digital Solutions Corp in 2013, and Ing3nia DNA Corp. Officers in both entities include Ernesto Olivo and Giselle Acedo. (see source 9 and 10 in appendix)


Image 4: Ingenia site 2015. (see source 11 in appendix)


Images 5 & 6:  Ing3nia offices in Caracas 2015. (see source 12 and 13 in appendix)


Server infrastructure belonging to Predictvia and its family of companies is hosted on AWS at IP DNS and web server results indicate that this host is known as Plesk is a hosting control panel used to simplify management of server infrastructure. Nisos assesses that Predictvia assumed Ing3nia’s infrastructure after its dissolution in 2013.
The company populates some of its user data with surveys from Befrankonline[.]com.


Befrankonline[.]com is hosted on AWS infrastructure belonging to Predictvia. It is a market research survey platform with the goal of “help[ing] companies understand their consumers, how they perceive and use their products/services.” It claims to have a social media network of 12,341 and an online community of 38,800. Users are encouraged to join the platform and are promised to be entered into a drawing for iPads and other prizes. (see source 14 in appendix)


Image 7:  Befrank hosts surveys on dashboardviz[.]com and promises participants to be entered into a drawing for gift cards. (see source 15 in appendix)

The Befrankonline platform sends links to survey campaign sites hosted on dashboardviz[.]com domains. Dashboardviz[.]com is hosted on the Predictvia AWS infrastructure. Each survey appears to have its own unique hostname on dashboardviz[.]com Nisos identified 303 distinct dashboardviz sites in historical DNS data (Appendix A). Some of these domains are obfuscated, while others reveal information about the survey campaigns involved, including:

Table 1: Corporate Befrank surveys hosted on Dashboardviz domains.

Nisos analysts identified five election-related domains (Table 2) potentially relating to elections in Honduras and Guatemala. Several of these domains reference uprisings or revolts prior to the elections.

Table 2: Election-related surveys hosted on dashboardviz domains.


Ing3nia’s Florida arm was incorporated as Ing3nia Digital Solutions Corp in 2013 with the following officers:

  • Alberto K Sanchez, President
  • Alberto K Sanchez, Agent
  • Ernesto Olivo, Vice President
  • Ernesto Olivo, President
  • Frank Fernow, Vice President
  • Frank Fernow, President
  • Giselle K Acedo, Vice President
  • Giselle K Acedo, President
  • Hawkings Ventures, Inc, Vice President
  • Hawkings Ventures, Inc, President
  • Jorge A Padua, Vice President
  • Jorge A Padua, President

The company appears to have another Florida entity called Ing3nia DNA Corp, with officers:

  • Alberto K Sanchez, President
  • Alberto K Sanchez, Agent
  • Ernesto Olivo, Vice President
  • Ernesto Olivo, President
  • Frank Fernow, Vice President
  • Frank Fernow, President
  • Giselle K Acedo, Vice President
  • Giselle K Acedo, President
  • Hawkings Ventures, Inc, Vice President
  • Hawkings Ventures, Inc, President
  • Jorge A Padua, Vice President
  • Jorge A Padua, President (see source 16 and 17 in appendix)

Dashboardviz[.]com domains


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