RED Teaming

Through advanced attack simulation, our experts work to not only discover — but demonstrate — the scope, scale and gravity of a potential event. To best simulate a crisis, Nisos aligns our approach specifically to your business and where your risk lies.

Playing the role of an attacker, we conduct advanced network reconnaissance — hunting for vulnerabilities and identifying every conceivable way a malicious actor could defeat your defenses. Our experts show you where and why you’re at risk, and propose the best strategy for remediation.

Nisos brings real-world offensive experience that virtually no one else in our industry can offer. We’ve been trained to operate with stealth and sophistication — allowing us to profile your network and users without detection. After fully interrogating your environment, our team devises custom approaches and real attack vectors your business would encounter. We show all of our work — demonstrating the real risk involved, and the ideal countermeasures.


  • Helps companies mitigate financial and reputational risk

  • Delivers findings and recommendations in clear, meaningful contexts

  • Empowers due diligence and evidence-based decisions by leadership