Access a world-class intelligence capability tailored to your specific needs. Control a multi-million dollar program without the time or expense and solve problems both lasting and acute.

What is Managed Intelligence?

Red Team Assessments

We will be your best, worst enemy.


Multidimensional Attacks

With Nisos, it’s more than a simple assessment.

We take penetration testing to a new level with our Red Team simulated attacks. We test your entire system to categorize and prioritize vulnerabilities as well as gaps that make your organization and business susceptible to attacks.


Our operators mimic sophisticated attacker techniques

Gain Access

Our operators will find a way to breach your system


We continue challenging your team to see how they react

Gap Analysis

Our process is transparent so your team can immediately action necessary changes

Actionable Data

We provide precise, actionable feedback so your Blue Team can implement quickly

Blue Team Development

Improve your team with a path for continual improvement and monitoring


Why would a nation-state attacker attack me?

Nation-state malicious actors are interested in you.

They want your data, patents, formulas, processes, and just as often, they view their targets as platforms from which to launch secondary attacks. 

Some attacks are proprietary in nature -- actors in China might attack to gain research and development data.

Some malicious actors may be seeking sensitive information that will increase their comparative advantage in economic endeavors or even further certain policy changes.

100% of our Red Team work involves testing for nation-state malicious actors.
Sean Weppner
CSO, Nisos

Why Nisos?

With Nisos, you get a team that operates at a very high level.

We deep dive into network assessments and provide actionable recommendations your team can use and explain.  

We provide quite a bit of context throughout the exercise, such as why we’re doing certain things and how we’re doing it. 

We're not running an automated tool and then just taking the output to create a report. We are going after things that can provide us privileged access to acquire critical data resources. 

The recommendations we propose are not automated either. We make recommendations based on your unique situation and needs using our extensive collective experience.

You Can’t Afford to Delay

Don’t wait for an attack to destroy your business. Take the necessary precautions now and invest in a service that will pay dividends every day you are not attacked.

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