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EP7: The Cyber5

Episode 7 | May 14, 2020

Episode 7 | May 14, 2020

Episode 7 of the podcast covers insights into current trends in commercial sector Insider Risk, stemming from the remote workforce & COVID19 with Michael Rohrs of Control Risks Group.


  • Intro (00:22)
  • Question 1 (01:05) – Does the current climate set us at increased exposure to Insider Risk? What elements of the Pandemic have led to that?
  • Question 2 (02:41) – How much of this has to do with the increased/imposed remote aspect of the workforce? And does this change in the status quo have any other impacts?
  • Question 3 (07:23) – For companies with an existing insider risk program, what are changes that they should consider making with the changes in work-dynamic?
  • Question 4 (09:25) – If I’m a company that doesn’t already have an Insider Risk program in place, where should I start now?
  • Question 5 (12:12) – When all of this ends, and the workforce starts to come back, what should companies be worried about?
  • Recap & Key Takeaways (14:19)