The Cyber5 Podcast

Nisos’ Cindy Otis

Episode 3 of the podcast focuses on illuminating disinformation and misinformation activity surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic and features Cindy Otis, Managing Director at Nisos, Inc.

  • (00:00) Intro
  • (01:43) Question 1 – The pandemic is obviously something that’s touching every person’s life at this point. Due to the overall disruption, do you think people are more susceptible to disinformation surrounding it?
  • (03:48) Question 2 – What types of disinformation have you been seeing pushed out?
  • (05:35) Question 3 – Who are the actors behind it? What are they trying to accomplish with it?
  • (08:54) Question 4 – If I’m an employer, what can I do to help protect my employees from the influence of disinformation campaigns
  • (11:38) Question 5 – We’re still leading up to 2020 elections – Are you seeing corona virus disinformation tied to anything election related?
  • (14:58) Recap & Take-aways

Episode 3 | July 24, 2020

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