The Cyber5 Podcast

EP18: The Cyber5 – Using Threat Intelligence Throughout the Enterprise with LogMeIn Security Manager Michael Rennie

Episode 18 | August 6, 2020

Episode 18 | August 6, 2020

Episode 18 of the podcast covers methodologies to produce actionable outcomes from threat intelligence, and use cases where threat intelligence can be applied throughout the enterprise with Michael Rennie, Threat Intelligence Manager at LogMeIn.


  • (01:11) Question 1: With your threat intelligence program, what steps do you take to filter the firehose of noise and determine what has context and what is actionable?
  • (03:32) Question 2: A lot of SOCs believe threat intelligence should be defined as “new information that tells a SOC what the security stack does not know about and/or cannot detect”. Do you agree or disagree and why?
  • (04:16) Question 3: As security professionals, we have a tendency to find out the “who” of attribution. Do you think that is important? Do you think the “how” and “why” are the better measures of attribution research and is that even possible given limited resources of a medium size organization? Explain.
  • (07:22) Question 4: What do you see as use cases for threat intelligence across an organization? Anything beyond cyber related crime?
  • (11:09) Question 5: With all of the advancements in threat intelligence feeds and platforms around enrichment, automated analysis, correlation, etc, have you seen a down-tic in the amount of analyst time that it takes to get to something actionable? What are some technologies you like for aggregation and automation?