The Cyber5 Podcast

EP15: The Cyber5 – Analysis of Betterment and Exclusions of Cyber Insurance with WTW Vice President Heather Wilkinson

Episode 15 | July 16, 2020

Episode 15 | July 16, 2020

Episode 15 of the podcast covers how a cyber incident is defined by insurance carriers, how that is changing, and an in-depth analysis of betterments and exclusions often overlooked in cyber insurance policies with Heather Wilkinson, Vice President at Willis Towers Watson.


  • (00:48) Intro
  • (01:13) Question 1: How do most cyber policies define a cyber incident?
  • (03:54) Question 2: What do cyber policies cover once a cyber incident has occurred?
  • (04:44) Question 3: With betterment language, what will cyber insurance pay for with regard to remediations?
  • (12:30) Question 4: What are important exclusions to pay attention to and what can be done to have them included in your policy?
  • (16:33) Question 5: What are some new themes and trends you see going forward in the cyber insurance market?