The Cyber5 Podcast

EP14: The Cyber5 – Moving OSINT Data to Intelligence with Nisos Director of Threat Investigations Michael Eller

Episode 14 | July 9, 2020

Episode 14 | July 9, 2020

Episode 14 of the podcast covers techniques and tradecraft of open source intelligence and investigations. How these investigations can help businesses and executives avoid online crimes and where automation plays a helping hand with Mike Eller, Director of Threat Investigations at Nisos.


  • (00:44) Intro
  • (02:51) Question 1: What is the difference between a cyber threat intelligence analyst and an OSINT investigator?
  • (04:22) Question 2: What are some general skillsets you need to be a good online investigator and what kinds of security problems do you solve?
  • (09:50) Question 3: Many people don’t know where to start when they are being scammed, extorted, or hacked. What are the methodologies you’d like to spread to level the playing field? Examples?
  • (13:57) Question 4: What can executives know about removing PII from the internet to protect themselves from physical and cyber attacks?
  • (16:50) Question 5: What kinds of interesting datasets are out there in this profession? Where is automation helpful?
  • (23:39) Closing