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What is Managed Intelligence?


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Episode 37: Exploring the Intelligence Differentiator: The Nisos Dogpile

Jan 7, 2021 9:32:36 AM

In episode 37 of the Cyber5, we are joined by Nisos Managing Principal Jared Hudson. Jared discusses the managed intelligence differentiator known as “The Nisos Dogpile,” a collaborative, investigative methodology that combines a wide range of skillsets, data, and technology.


  • This unique approach enables Nisos operators, in partnership with enterprise clients, to rapidly solve security problems (01:38-05:00).
  • We also talk about the technical data, data engineering, and data science, that we fuse with world-class analysis to solve investigations and address third-party risk (05:00-07:40).
  • We provide details on real-world investigations of fraud, disinformation/brand reputation, cyber threat intelligence, trust and safety, third party risk management, and acquisition diligence (07:40-22:00).
  • And finally, we peel back the onion to reveal the attributes we look for in a well-rounded Nisos operator (23:00-25:00).





Written by Nisos

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