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Episode 34: Defending Against Chinese State-Sponsored Espionage

Dec 3, 2020 12:10:29 PM

Episode 34 of the podcast covers how enterprise can defend against Chinese state-sponsored espionage efforts to steal intellectual property. 


  • Question 1 (01:00): What are the computer network exploitation and insider threat TTPs you’ve seen throughout your career to steal intellectual property on the part of the Chinese government? 
  • Question 2 (04:09): What are some investigative examples of each?
  • Question 3 (09:35): What can companies do to protect themselves? What are the critical monitoring mechanisms that are critical to detecting a breach?
  • Question 4 (13:51): What are the critical monitoring mechanisms to put in place on insider threat?
  • Question 5 (16:15): If you were advising a CISO with limited budget, and this was your biggest threat, what would you prioritize?





Written by Nisos

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