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Episode 31: Legal Options for Disinformation and Deepfakes with Counsel at WilmerHale Matthew Ferraro

Nov 5, 2020 9:59:39 AM

Episode 31 of the podcast covers legal options for disinformation and deepfakes with Matthew Ferraro, Counsel at WilmerHale.


  • Question 1 (01:06): On Twitter, LeBron James mentioned that he is trying to figure out what his legal options are. What do you tell him?
  • Question 2 (06:27): We’ve heard many cases of deepfakes in the business setting. What are practical measures companies and individuals can take to avoid being victims?
  • Question 3 (07:40): What are the motivations of the attackers?
  • Question 4 (14:06): Is legislation on track to help?
  • Question 5 (20:35): What are other possible solutions to these problems—from technology to detect deepfakes, to how the news media should respond, to what platforms can do?





Written by Nisos

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