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Episode 27: Defining Selectors in the World of Digital Crime

Oct 8, 2020 9:26:11 AM

Episode 27 of the podcast with Nisos experts Adam Gayde, Matt Brock, and Robert Raines discusses the meaning and importance of selectors in the world of digital crime. Learn more about how knowing an IP address, email address, or social media handle can help improve network and platform defense.


  • (00:40) Question 1: In the world of digital crime, what do you define as a selector?
  • (08:02) Question 2: What are the importance of these selectors from an analytical perspective? What are the properties and values of various kinds of selectors?
  • (11:38) Question 3: How do you grade the value of a selector and what are some investigative use cases.
  • (18:56) Question 4: From a data engineering perspective, how should we think about aggregating data that allows analysts to query for selectors of interest?
  • (29:31) Question 5: What business problems do you solve through these definitions and how are selectors evaluated in the process?





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