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Episode 22: Ransomware Negotiations, Threat Intelligence, and Risk Management

Sep 3, 2020 10:14:03 AM

Episode 22 of the podcast covers ransomware negotiations, threat intelligence, and the role risk management plays into corporate enterprise following ransomware events.

  • (01:22) Question 1: What are the defendable conclusions that companies can use with legal counsel that avoid disclosures after ransomware events? Secondly, what’s some details behind the uptick in public release requests?
  • (04:55) Question 2: Describe the details behind ransomware negotiations. 
  • (07:03) Question 3: Describe how threat intelligence and investigations outside the firewall can assist your team in incident response investigations.
  • (07:56) Question 4: Ransomware occurs from attacker’s ability to move laterally in an environment to meet the collection objectives. After the breach, how do these scenarios play out from a corporate governance perspective?
  • (12:30) Question 5: How can threat intelligence and risk management programs help prioritize these efforts to avoid future breaches?





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