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Episode 13: Uber's Dan Williams

Jul 24, 2020 5:09:18 AM

Episode 13 of the podcast covers the importance of building rapport with the workforce to gain actionable insights to global physical security threats with Dan Williams, Global Head of Security Resilience and Partnerships at Uber.
  • (01:09) Introduction
  • (01:48) Question 1: The world of physical security controls has changed a lot in the last ten years with many threats emanating online. How do you use cyber threat and OSINT information to evaluate and reduce risk to physical threats?
  • (03:03) Question 2: How important is the attribution of those threats in a digital environment?
  • (04:22) Question 3: From an executive protection standpoint, how do you minimize risk to senior executives that emanate online particularly including home, travel, and workplace security?
  • (06:40) Question 4: From a privacy perspective, how do you build rapport with the workforce to bring forward physical security incidents?
  • (09:40) Question 5: What metrics and impacts are important to capture to show effectiveness of your program(s)?
  • (12:09) Closing + Bonus: What trends in the security industry keep you up at night?


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