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Episode 12: Tesla's Charles Finfrock

Jul 24, 2020 5:06:54 AM

Episode 12 of the podcast covers the importance of building rapport with the workforce to gain actual insights to insider threats with Charles Finfrock, Insider Threat Program Manager at Tesla.
  • (00:48) Introduction
  • (01:55) Question 1: What are the general backgrounds of insider threat personnel and why does that matter for how a program is developed and run?
  • (02:59) Question 2: What are important policies to put into place that foster positive collaboration between the workforce and security?
  • (04:10) Question 3: How do you foster a collaborative culture to have employees be the front lines of insider threat?
  • (06:48) Question 4: What are the important monitoring mechanisms to put into place that alert on the appropriate behavior but don't poison the innovative culture?
  • (10:35) Question 5: What are the important metrics and administrative actions that indicate a program is appropriately mitigating the risk of negligent or malicious insider threat behavior?
  • (13:00) Closing


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