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Episode 11: Square's Alan Orlikoski

Jul 24, 2020 5:04:47 AM

Episode 11 of the podcast covers challenges and baselining of container and cloud security with Alan Orlikoski Detection and Response Engineering Team Lead at Square.
  • (0:54) Introduction
  • (01:29) Question 1: What are the right and left bounds when deciding to use a container environment as part of the infrastructure and how much of that is security minded?
  • (03:03) Question 2: How do you approach a baseline level of security for your containerized environments? Is it mainly configuration or do you consider other aspects for hardening of your containerized environments?
  • (06:30) Question 3: From your experience, which of the environments, if any, are more security forward than any other and why? Kubernetes? Docker?
  •  (12:06) Question 4: Does the way you defend and track threats against container environments differ from the non-containerized environments? Is a containerized environment inherently easy to secure or more work? 
  •  (12:54) Question 5: How have containerized environments changed the penetration testing, threat hunting, and incident response process? Are there different skillsets needed? Could you provide examples? 
  • (19:41) Bonus: In the security world, what keeps you up at night?
  • (21:50) Closing


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