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What is Managed Intelligence?


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Episode 10: RMS' Dave Ruedger

Jul 24, 2020 5:01:46 AM

Episode 10 of the podcast covers how modern CISOs think about the future of threat intelligence with Dave Ruedger CIO & CISO at RMS.
  • (0:21) Introductions 
  • (1:55) Question 1: What kind of information do you see threat intel feeds providing, and which ones are most compelling to you?
  • (4:35) Question 2: Is it unique to have information sharing with other portfolio companies? How does that work programmatically?
  • (7:01) Question 3: What are the new, hot data sets you’re seeing?
  • (9:35) Question 4: Are you aware of an increase in adversaries targeting containerized environments?
  • (11:55) Question 5: Are you thinking about threat intelligence differently as it relates to cloud and containerized environments that support a dispersed workforce?
  • (17:36) Closing Remarks


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