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Cyber5 Podcast: Bonus Episode Deepfakes (Part 2)

Jul 24, 2020 4:58:04 AM

This is a bonus episode of the podcast in a two part series covering a Nisos project with New York University (NYU) on the technical considerations for creating deepfakes as well as processes and procedures to detect them featuring Nisos Vice President of Threat Investigations Robert Volkert
  • (00:26) Introductions
  • (01:33) Question 1 - What’s the biggest challenges deepfakes presents us with? How about 5 years from now?
  • (04:08) Question 2 - Are there deep/dark web capabilities that people can hire to create these? How good are they?
  • (10:31) Question 3 - Why are the majority of deepfakes focused on pornography and do you see this shifting over time?
  • (16:48) Question 4 - Should the average person be worried about this?
  • (17:57) Question 5 - How can nation states, including the US, safeguard against the misuses of this technology?


Topics: podcast cyber5

Written by Nisos

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